tapfood is perhaps the fastest food ordering platform out there. It is based on the Monster Sushi App engine with multiple improvements. Once you find your favorite restaurant, you won’t see the dreaded spinner ever. The menu data structure was obsessively optimized to have your favorite food on its way to you as soon as possible. Takeout or delivery? We got you covered. With our easy to use interface, you can even get catering setup for your next party in less than a minute.

The first time you order, you will have to enter a name for your order (it can be Mikey Mouse if you are wearing the appropriate attire 😃 and are responding to the name when you pick up your food). There is also a 10% OFF on your first order to thank you for using our app.

Lost in a menu with hundreds of items? No problem, tell our search bar what you are looking for and will find your food in milliseconds. You can even search smart things like “popular”, “vegetarian”, “gluten free” or “cart”. Our search bar is smart enough to know what you want.

Once you ordered the first time, you can reorder the same item with 3 clicks. By default it will be Takeout, so remember to change to Delivery if that’s what you want. Also, the tip is reset, so if you love the restaurant, thank them your way. 100% of tips go to the restaurant staff and we are proud to help your favorite restaurants stay in business and thrive.

Are you planning a party? You can set it up in half a minute from your couch. Just select Catering option on the Restaurant page.

And just in case you weren’t hungry, we are here to change this. If you can stare at the picture below for 3 seconds and you are still not hungry, kudos to you. Your New Year Resolution is working…for now!


This is Sukiyaki, Japan’s most famous international dish. Get it at Monster Sushi on tapfood!

Note: we are only serving Central Jersey at the moment: Madison, Chatham, Florham Park and Morristown, but are adding new restaurants everyday. Follow us on instagram to stay updated.






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