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TAP Privacy Policy


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We are not sharing your contact information with anybody and for any reason whatsoever unless required by law, during an investigation and with the appropriate judicial sign-off.

For TAP Essential Oils SignUp App:

We don’t have access to your contact information. Also, the information is saved locally on the iPad and it is not visible to us.


We reserve the right to contact you for promotional purposes no more than once a month and will remove you off the list if we are explicitly asked to do so.


We know how much you hate logging in and sharing your information with app providers. For this reason, we try to make paid apps that don’t require any sign-in email/password.

Most contact will be done via notifications (where applicable).





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App Developer and Founder at TAP. I'm helping small businesses and restaurants connect to their customers using mobile solutions. Please check out tapfood if you are in Central Jersey (as of Jan 2019).

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