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TAP Apps Terms of Use


1. Modifications:

You can modify the app in any way you see fit as long as you don’t use copyrighted material or suggest in any way illegal or fraudulent actions or uses.

2.  Unauthorized use: 

You are no allowed to use the app for illegal uses or to contact the persons using the app in order to incite them to perform illegal activities or to continue contacting them after they explicitly requested not to be contacted.

Failure to respect these guidelines will have consequences up to and including forfeiting the rights to use any TAP applications and might have additional consequences from Apple or law enforcement.

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TAP Mortgage and Loan demo.

This is probably the best mortgage calculator in the world.

You can easily control your liabilities with it: Set a monthly prepayment and see the total interest and actual payment term shrink.

You have to choose between two mortgages and don’t know which one is best for you? There’s a tab for that.

You have a loan (mortgage, car loan, student loan, etc) and you want to get rid of it quickly? Go to the Freedom calculator page and enter your desired balance and time frame.

And … most importantly… stick with your plan. Small steps have great consequences in the long run.