TAP Essential Oils SignUp Support

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The app is designed to help Wellness Advocates gather basic contact information and interests from potential customers.
It is ideal for Wellness Advocates of the best essential Oils Company (you know who you are).
It has a simple form to get customer information and allows them to present the topics that they are interested in.
Access to a back office page where you can search for contacts, email yourself the contacts, customize some aspects of the app or delete the contacts (supposedly you emailed yourself the data first) in order to get ready for the next event.
NOTE: in order to access the Back Office, please enter your 4-digit Passcode (default is 0000, so change it the first time you use the app) in the Phone Number field and press Submit.
Alternatively, there is a barely visible gear image on top right, just below the battery indicator. Press it in order to get access to the Back Office. You will have to enter the Passcode, so the customer data is secure.
The data is saved on your device only. Nobody has access to it. Please keep your Passcode in a secure place.
I’m working on version 1.1.0 and you will love it. Full customization of the SignUp page, sharing of contact cards, pre-canned emails and texts with 1 click, and much more! Screenshots and instruction videos on how to use it coming up soon!
Happy signup!