tapfood Privacy Policy

Dear customer,

Thank you for using tapfood app.

Given the nature of the business, we need to have at least one kind of contact information, which is the phone number, so our restaurant providers can call you with questions about the order or with clarifications. The receipt is also sent to your phone via text once the payment has been made.

For delivery, we also require the address, so we know where to deliver the food.
We store basic information in a database, mainly to be able to keep track of your order history and reward you for being a loyal customer.
We are not and will never share your information with any third parties for any reason whatsoever, unless required by law, during an investigation and with the appropriate judicial sign-off.

We reserve the right to contact you personally (not via a server) via the phone number provided but no more than once a month and will remove you off the list if we are explicitly asked to do so.


We know how much you hate logging in and sharing your information with app providers. For this reason, we try to make apps that don’t require any sign-in email/password. tapfood app does not require any login for this reason.
Most contact will be done via notifications (where applicable).
Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. We are grateful for supporting our partner local restaurants who strive to deliver excellent food for you!