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The app was designed with the needs of a small business in mind (or a local branch of an international business). 
NOTE: You can spend the next few minutes reading what the app can do for you or you can just download it now and learn all the features by playing with them in the app. 
… not convinced? Read on…
There are three main capabilities that the app has:
1) A fully customizable sign up sheet. When I mean fully customizable, I mean, think about a canvas that you can put anything on. 
2) The sign-up sheet can also be used as an advertisement for your location. Just select the image, Title and subtitle. Select the large font for the title so it covers the rest of the screen. Change the settings in seconds (if you have a new sale, etc). Use Air Play to display on a large screen TV at your location
3) An excellent CRM system with super-powerful customer contact capabilities. The app has two parts: one part visible only by the customer and the back office. Here you have access to all the tools of a CRM. You can search as you type through your customer information, email any set of customers that fit a search parameter. You have a choice whether they can see each other’s emails or not (if you are sending an email to your close customers or friends that know each other). A set of emails  can be set including the title, ready to be sent at any time with one click. 
Here you also have access to the customer information, and also to a set of notes that you make on the customer. Additionally, you can and should set up a set of steps to engage the customer, from onboarding, to adding them to social media, etc. These steps are fully customizable. It is suggested however that you don’t change them, but add to them. Make them short and suggestive. You have a table where you keep track of them for each customer. 
From the customer page, you can also text, email or call the customer directly. The app keeps track of the last time you contacted the customer (email, text, phone). Also, you can set notifications for yourself to remind you to contact the customer about a specific topic. They can be set from later today to 1 month away. 
You can choose a set of fields that the customer sees (the only mandatory field is Name). Otherwise, you can choose between the following fields: email, phone number, notes along with 5 custom fields that you setup and a choice when the customer would like to be contacted. Just below there is a table where the customer can choose their set of interests that align with your business. You can add as many as you want, but I think it better to keep it below 20. The text above the table is also customizable, so there you can tell them to click on the areas that interest them.
You can fully change the sign up sheet, and by that, I mean everything: background color, title color, the font and font style used in the sign up sheet, body color. 
Choose an image for your sign-up sheet
– choose an image from camera, photo library or the internet. 
– choose a size (small to large) or no image at all
You can also choose which fields are visible. 
Select your establishment logo or image and select only the name field and leave the table visible. Select 3-4 choices in the table like: I enjoyed the company, the music, etc. 
Use the features outlined above to remove all fields, or better yet, just set the title font to  largest and enter enough information to fill the iPad (in portrait or landscape mode). Please remember that you have a Title, a subtitle and a heading caption that you can fill. 
Use airplay to show the images on a large screen nearby using an Apple TV.
Have a sale? Quickly fill in this information and you are good to go.
You have access to the back office by entering your passcode when pressing the gear button below the battery indicator. The passcode is by default 0000, but you can change it in the back office or the first time the app installs.
In the back office, you have access to the full database of customers along with a powerful search capability. The app by default gets the timestamp when the customer entered their information, so it’s easy to keep track of it. 
Search customers by name, interest, anything. You can even search smart things like today. It will show you all the customers from today. Yesterday works as well if you want to follow up one day late. 
Email all customers that fit a search criteria. Say you want to email all customers entered today. Just search today then press the email all button on the back office page. You can select BCC or not. If not, each of the email recipients will see the full list, so not recommended unless they happen to know each other. The body of the email is pre-filled for you. 
Pre-canned emails:
You can select up to 5 pre-canned emails and their titles. Just press the gear button from the Back Office page. Best thing is to copy paste from your email, pages or notes, so you don’t have to type on your iPad. 
Choose a random customer:
If you have sweepstakes, just choose today in the search field then press the Pick a random contact. You will get the name of the lucky winner along with their phone number in a dialog box.
Edit customer information:
First off, you can easily distinguish between customers and prospects by the font color of their name. Non-customers are blue. Click on any contact on the list to get to the Customer Details page. Here you can also navigate easily between customers using the two buttons at the top. On the customer page, you can change customer name, email, phone number, their notes. You also have a field where you can write notes about the customer. More importantly, you can email, text or call the customer from this page. You will have to be an a Wi-fi network and have Wi-fi calling enabled. 
You can also enter notifications. Say the customer wanted to buy a car that is not in stock, but will be here next week. Enter the notification title say, new orange Porsche, select next week and press Set notification button. Next week, the app will send you a notification to contact the customer about the orange car.
There is also a table containing Customer engagement options that you can select.
You can also delete a customer (No problem if you press accidentally, you will be asked to confirm the deletion). 
Customize the appearance of the Sign Up sheet:
You have multiple options here. First select the gear button from the Back Office page to get to the Account Management and Customizations. 
Here you can change your Passcode (please don’t lose this number), you email – needed to prefill emails you send to yourself (say the list of customers) and your name, which can be used in some communications. 
On this page you can also set the 5 precanned email messages and their titles. Please note that emails are sent in html format, so you can add hyperlinks in the signature or throughout the text. For example if you want to reach https://tapapps.support, the html needed is <a href=”https://tapapps.support”>Enter the link caption here</a>
There are also 3 more buttons that allow you further customizations
Sign Up page colors and theme:
Allows you to choose the background color. You have 5 preset gradient colors: light blue , lilac, green, red and orange, or you can set one of the preset colors. You can also select custom, which shows you a color picker allowing you to set any background color you want. Literally any!
Similarly, you can choose the Title color and regular text color. 
The fonts are also customizable. You can choose any font you want and any style/italics, etc. Here is the place where you can make the gear button in the Sign Up sheet invisible. For your convenience, just above the pickers, you have a canvas that shows you the title, background and text as you change them. Neat, right?
Change the top image:
Using this option, you can change the top image shown in the sign up sheet. You can choose images from the library, or you can snap a photo, edit it and show it. Cool!
You can also copy paste a link and press the use link button. The app will try to import it for you. Make sure that the link is an actual image, otherwise it won’t work. Make sure the link is well formatted so links like https://tapapps.support/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/cropped-house.jpg work well, while links like https://goo.gl/images/zTKfnb don’t work (they are given when you press the share button in Google Images for example. 
The easiest way to get an image URL is to go to Safari on your iPad and press long on the image and select copy. Then come back here and paste it in the link field. Press use link. 
I had to confirm the image success because in some cases, the app thinks it’s getting a picture, when in reality it is not. So if you don’t see an image, you know that the process failed.
You can also choose no image either from the picker above, or using the red button on the right.
Sign Up page fields settings:
Here you can change the texts used in the sign Up sheet. Most fields can be changed using a picker on the top left. Namely the Sign Up sheet title, the name of the labels (say you are in Germany and want to say Die Name instead of Name). Choose also whether the field is visible or not. Play with it a little bit to get the hang of it. It’s actually very easy to use.
You can also change the Subtitle and the header text (just above the Name field) using the fields there.
You might want to hide the table, just set the Show main table switch to off.
Right below you can choose the content of the customer visible table or the customer engagement options that appear in the back office. To make it easy for you, I made the customer options header appear orange, so you know you are modifying it. 
For convenience, by default I added some text for you there, so you know how to do it. Once you read it, delete it and add your own fields. 
Directly append to it, by entering a text in the text field and return the keyboard (press Done or the retract keyboard). The text field will appear at the bottom. 
If you want to insert in the table, it’s easy, just press an element in the field. The text will be added just above this location. Easy!
Want to delete an option? Swipe left to delete. 
Similarly, you can change the customer engagement fields. In order to do that, change the Customer visible switch to off in order to modify the customer engagement fields. 
When done, press Back to Account button. 
Importing and exporting data from the iPad:
This is done in order to allow you to sync data with other devices or have a back up copy. First off, the data is secure on the iPad and nobody has access to it. You might want to share information between your devices, or want to contact other customers from your phone or computer. 
From the back office, press the Email list button from bottom right. All the contacts that fit the search criteria will be emailed to your email address in CSV format. This means you can easily copy paste the email text on your computer, save as CSV and import in another app (Contacts or Outlook) or put it in excel (if you still use that).
This is done on purpose so you can see the text in a human readable form. 
OK, now let’s see some screenshots. Please contact TAP if you need help with anything. We want you to thrive and use our tools!
This was created by spending about 1 minute, but can take much less if you copy paste the text.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (10.5-inch) - 2018-07-14 at 01.02.15
This is the landscape version. Pretty cool, right?
Now let’s see how it looks as a sign-up sheet. I’m showing the default setting, but anything on the page can be customized.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (10.5-inch) - 2018-07-11 at 23.18.55
Right below, you can customize a table for potential or existing customers to show their interest in some of your goods and services. Now I hid the custom fields as you can see.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-inch) - 2018-07-14 at 01.09.58
Now, one screenshot for the back office and let’s call it a day!
Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (9.7-inch) - 2018-07-14 at 01.13.57
Clearly this list is as accurate as John Appleseed, but you get the picture. Stay tuned for more on this app, which is truly awesome!