What we do


TAP is a mobile development firm based in New Jersey.

Its purpose is help people harness the power and versatility of the mobile platform for productive purposes.

We are currently working on expanding the reach of tapfood, the mobile ordering platform in Central New Jersey. It is super easy to use.

We believe that users hate entering their private information on any platform, not only because they have to spend time entering the information, keeping track of their password, but also because they know that as soon as they entered their email address, the spam machine is starting to work against them.

This is why our apps don’t require logins. This allows our users to start ordering without loss of enthusiasm. We use Apple Pay, so our users can re-order with 3 taps.

How it works

TAP has its roots in quantitative finance. The first mobile app created was a pricing engine that harnessed iPhone’s superior hardware and direct compilation method. We think different(ly) and we get things done.

Our apps include several innovations. For example, we have the best menu search in any food ordering app. Also, due to our technology, we have the fastest scrolling in the category, while being also data-friendly. You can order by the time you entered your email and came up with a password on other platforms.

Happy tapping!

TAP stands for Tenacious App Production, which is the way anything should be approached in life.